Frauen helfen Frauen e.V. Stuttgart

und Kooperationspartner

Did you experience violence from your partner?

What kind of violence did you experience?

  • Verbal harassment, insulted, humilated
  • Hindered from meeting with friends or relatives
  • Locked in
  • Beaten up, kicked, suffocated
  • Threatened with death
  • Forced to sexual actions
  • Financially kept short
  • Oppressed with children
  • Obsessed or terrorized after separation

Thank you for informing yourself. There is help and support available. If you are affected by domestic violence and do not know what to do anymore, you can also contact one of the offices for specialist counselling in Stuttgart. Naturally you can do it anonymously. There you find competent qualified people who will take time for personal counselling.

Counselling & information for women

Counselling offices for female victims of domestic violence and qualified persons from the association “Frauen helfen Frauen”

FrauenFanal – Women’s signal

Counselling Office of the City of Stuttgart for female victims of domestic violence as well as for qualified persons.

Fraueninterventionsstelle – Women’s Office for interventions

Office of intervention after police intervention and banishing the offender from the shared household.

Krisen- und Notfalldienst – Crisis and emergency service

Provides immediate counselling, support and help.

Nationwide help telephone line

Cost free counselling 24 by 7 hours, if you cannot contact your local counselling Office, also available via email or chat. Phone number: 08000-116 016

If you are directly threatened call the police under the emergency phone number 110

  • The officers will come to your place
  • They can banish the offender for 48 hours from your household
  • In urgent danger they can arrest the offender
  • Initiate further protection measures

Help in the Internet
fhf-stuttgart.beranet.info or stuttgart.beranet.info
Online counselling for women from the area of Stuttgart, who are affected by violence or stalking. With an encrypted access by e-mail or the possibility of counselling via individual and anonymous chat.

Information regarding the counselling offices on violence against women. Including search functions on counselling offices for women and emergency call for women.

Domestic violence: how affected persons can protect themselves. Concrete and practical advice in multiple languages.

Information regarding violence against women. Search function to find shelter for battered women and counselling offices for women in Germany.

Information regarding violence against women. Search function for counselling offices for women and emergency phone number for women in Germany.

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