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Does this sound familiar? Do you feel at mercy of your agressions and experience, that you are hurting your Partner without Intention – with words and also with violent actions. You are on the right page here. You can actively do something against it and learn to take the responsibility for your behaviour and work out strategies for conflict resolutions.

Get in contact with the “intervention office for men”

This counselling office is a qualified offer for men and women who want to realize why they cannot control themselves in certain situations or are obliged to tackle their violent behaviour.
Of course conselling can be done anonymously.

Help in the internet
This page describes how men can prevent stress in relationships and where to find counselling offices regarding violence and how they work through out Germany.

Information about violence in the family and the spiral of violence. Help via telephone hotline or email for men and women carrying out violence in German speaking countries. Phone 01805 – 43 92 58 (14 Ct/min)

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